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CrossFit Open: 13.2

Ew. Ew. Ew. This stupid WOD was deceptively hard. 

I had a bunch of non-crossfitting friends look at it and say, "oh, that looks like something even I could do." Right. Anyone can DO them. The question is: how well can you do them?

Well, 13.2 sucked. And I did it twice.

The first time, I hit 205 reps (!!!!) but I felt like I rested too much in between sets. I definitely didn't feel like I emptied my tank so I decided to do it again today.

The second time, 13.2 sucked way more. And my problematic left knee decided to rear it's ugly cap. (see what I did there?) By round 3, I was literally doing box jumps in tears. I finished the rest of the entire WOD with my eyes shut, just trying to withstand the searing pain in my knee. 
Chattin' it up with my Mama Nancy about how much today sucked
And I did 10 reps worse than I did the first time. Sigh.

So my score of 205 sticks and we'll see where that puts me in the scoreboard. Since I've been home I've kinda been laying around, icing and elevating my knee (per doctor's orders) and I'm looking at the next few days of rest and recovery to help prep for 13.3. Guess I'm back to hookin' up with my foam roller boyfriend for a few days (what's up, Fred?!)

I hope all of y'all got your scores in on time and absolutely beasted the first, second, third, whatever time you did it! 

Any guesses on what 13.3 will be?

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