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CrossFit Open: 13.1

Well, guys, I did it! 

I completed 13.1 on Friday afternoon with a score of 111. IT SUCKED. But I felt like I could do it better. So I did it again today.


So I completed 19 snatches at 75#.

I didn't even know how to snatch this past Wednesday. 

Things I never want to do again: burpees followed by snatches. 
Post 13.1. I look like shiz. Don't judge me.
During my second go round today, I was definitely thisclose to passing out. I got kinda woozy and kept swaying during the burpees. I was also whole heartedly convinced that I was gonna puke. EEK.

But, ultimately, success. But I definitely want to get better. Count on me working out my snatch extensively (that's what she said). 

I hope everybody did it, embraced the suck, and got your scores posted before the deadline. Feel free to brag on yourself in the comments with your badass reps so I can brag on you! 

Can't wait for 13.2! (Just kidding. I hope that shiz never comes.)

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