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Thankful Wednesday: 2/12/13

Today, I am thankful for my mama. Mama Nancy is often featured on my blog and my facebook statuses, but I have yet to truly grasp how thankful I am for her and everything she does.

First, you have to know that my mom is the most wonderful, adorable woman on the planet. 
Mama Nancy at 16 (left) Me at 24 (right)

Me at 25 (left), Mama Nancy at 25 (right)
She is also the strongest woman I know.

Seriously, y'all, I have no idea how she manages her life. At all. She is fantastic at all of her jobs of: lawyering (is that a word? I don't know.), mothering, being a wife, being a sister, being an amateur tax professional, house keeper, cook, actress, present wrapper, dog trainer, professional badass, comedian, the list goes on and on. And she manages to do everything she does in a day without crying or having mental breakdowns. I am amazed. I forget my oly shoes at home and I'm about to have a conniption fit. She seems to have rules for everything and anything about life and her rules are always applicable. 

So here we go! 
        I am wildly thankful for my mom. I am thankful for every time she did not let me out of the house while wearing some ridiculous outfit. I am thankful that she didn't let me highlight my hair until high school. I am thankful that she made the unpopular decisions to ensure that I would be a good person. I am thankful that she taught me to sew, cook, clean, and budget my money. I am grateful for every time she beat my butt for something I deserved and for every time she said "por pendeja" for doing something really stupid. 
        I am blessed that she let me make mistakes and learn for myself so I could do for myself. I am thankful that she let me get my 3rd notice on my entergy bill and let me run out of money for food. She taught me what it was like to have nothing--a very valuable lesson. 
        I am thrilled that she imparted knowledge on me that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. A lady should always write a thank you note. Every house hold should have a bible in the family's native language. Always put on blush before you leave the house. When you walk in heels, be careful to always put one foot in front of the other. When you have nothing nice to say, smile swiftly and remove yourself from the situation. Call mama when you get home, no matter how old you are. Mothers are never wrong, only occasionally mistaken. Always allow a man to be a man and you be a woman--those are the roles. You can never be underdressed or undereducated. Often times, the things you don't read are just as important as the things you do read.
          I am thankful that my mother has never said "I told you so" when I made a bad decision about a boyfriend and has always rushed to my rescue when I needed her. I am blessed that she has always supported me even when she couldn't be there in person. This is the woman who owns a rhinestoned "CrossFit Mom" shirt and wears it to support me. 
        Lastly, I am thankful that my mama gave me a solid role model to look up to. She is educated, strong, and faithful. She is the epitome of a wonderful person, giving of herself to others while maintaining her own personality. As I grow older, I become even closer to her and fall more in love with her everyday. I can only hope that one day, I'll be as great a mom and person as she is. 

Love you, Mama Nancy!

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