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New Stuff for Eat.Pray.WOD: Coming SOON!

It's a little later than I normally post, but I've been busy, today, yo!
Me. Hard at work on new Eat.Pray.WOD stuff! PS: Don't judge my hair. It's been a long day.
I'm pretty excited for Eat.Pray.WOD, guys. Two months ago, I started this little blog…basically to start an online journal of this crazy CrossFit journey turned obsession…and it's kind of turning into something awesome. In just two months, I've met some pretty great people all because of this!

Yesterday, I posted about my sh*tty day and about how I planned on growing from it. Little did I know that you awesome people would actually contact me and make me feel better. If you sent me an email, wrote me on facebook, or posted on my wall, THANK YOU! You have no idea how much your support means to me!

Just a heads up: over the course of the next month, I'm hoping for a lot of new and exciting things for this site and for the fan page. Like, LOTS! I'm hoping that through a little elbow grease, youtube video tutorials, late nights, and lots of coffee, this thing is gonna get pretty cool!

Thanks for stickin' by and reading my crazy, random ramblings. Stay tuned for some awesome stuff, moderately funny jokes, and super ridic workouts.


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