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Thankful Wednesday: 1/30/13

I AM ON A ROLL! Third Thankful Wednesday post in a ROW that's actually on a Wednesday. BAZINGA! 

I kind of mentioned/alluded to this on the facebook fan page, buuuuut…

Today, I am thankful for the journey I'm on and the outrageous amount of opportunity it has afforded me. This blog and my fan page have connected me with a ton of people from all walks of life with all sorts of amazing abilities. In fact, documenting this journey has even brought me closer to the people in my own box. 

I am so overwhelmed that writing about my struggles and successes could inspire anyone even on the most remote level. Every time I run into someone that recognizes me or tells me they read what I write, my response is almost always, "you  do? WHY!? Thank you." Sometimes I forget that other people actually read my sometimes outrageous stream of thought babbling. 

I am thankful for every person who has shared their struggle/journey/milestone and successes with me. I'm thankful for every person who ever thought, "what the hell is Eat.Pray.WOD?" and clicked on the link. I'm super thankful for anyone who ever shared a post, a photo, or a crazy status I posted. Thank every person who ever told your friends "aye, you should read this girl's stuff". It means more to me than any of you can possibly know.

This blog has been active for…just over a month. But in that short amount of time, it has become something more than just my story. It's become a way for me to be held accountable and an outlet for me to reach out to the most awesome communities. 

Even more so, I am thankful for the future of this excursion. I am excited about the new and in-progress partnerships I am about to embark on with this blog and see where it goes. 

Thank you for reading from the beginning. I hope I can meet your expectations everyday.

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