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Athlete Profile: Will S.-Red Stick Crossfit


IT'S FRIDAY! Which means another awesome athlete profile! I apologize that it's coming out so late, but today has been WILDLY stressful to say the least. This week, I'm featuring one of my coaches (it has been a super mushy coach week for me), Will Smith (no, not that one, a different one).

Will is a super special part of Red Stick Crossfit as he is certified by USA Weightlifting. He is our in house Olympic Weightlifting guru and he is a super great coach. In addition to coaching, he trains himself and recently placed 1st in his weight division at the USAPL State Meet! 

I am super lucky to know Will and have his guidance when it comes to lifting and fitness. 

Will Smith

Favorite Nicknames: 
Anything related to my over-sized thighs
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Age: 22 
Occupation: Weightlifting Coach
Strict Press- 175#
Back Squat- 415#
Deadlift- 485#
Clean- 255#
Overhead Squat- 245#
Bench Press- 265#
Clean and Jerk- 245#
Snatch- 205#
Favorite WOD:
Least Favorite WOD: Everything else
Describe your sports & fitness background:
I played soccer, football, and baseball through grammar school. I did martial arts for about 7 years until high school, then i briefly played lacrosse in high school.
How did you first get exposed to CrossFit?:
I was training with a friend in the Naval ROTC at Tulane and had met a SEAL through being in ROTC. This guy did crossfit, and he was jacked as a wildabeast. So we started crossfitting. Still not a wildabeast....
What was your first WOD like?:
My first WOD was Adam Brown, a SEAL hero wod. Son of a b it was about an hour and 50 minutes before i finished it. It was absolutely terrible.
What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and fitness since starting CF (before/after)?:
I noticed once i started training specificially in crossfit i leaned out significantly. I'm definitely more fit than i was prior. Ive had blood work and triglyceride levels checked and im above average on everything. Except im borerdline morbidly obese on the BMI. That part makes me giggle.
What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like CrossFit that were totally unexpected?:
I think that the way you mentally prepare and approach a WOD or any other training session speaks volumes about how you encounter problems in life. The bottom line is no one really wants to suffer, and i'd be hard pressed to find anyone who crossfits and says they arent suffering to a degree in a wod. But you get the same anxiety and fear in powerlifting, olympic lifting, and all over types of training. If you don't approach a bar with a small margin of fear, you probably aren't working very hard or pushing yourself at all. But the defining factor between people who train and people who workout is the fact that people who train, regardless of the circumstances in their lives, will willingly suffer day after day knowing that once their finished, they've done something, they've earned something. Money can't buy it, you earn it, every single day.
How does CrossFit compare to Olympic Lifting/Powerlifting?
Well, you move a whole lot less in olympic lifting and powerlifting, which is nice. Aside from movements and technique, the mindset it similar. You can't have a quit attitude in either. The intensity in focus is the same, just different disciplines.
What's your favorite Olympic Lifting experience?
Training next to Matt when he was preparing for the pan-american games last year.
Name one goal you have reached since starting CrossFit and one goal you want to achieve:
Since crossfit, i have achieved a 400 lbs deadlift. I read that any man is physiologically capable of pressing 200, cleaning 300 and benching 300, squatting 400, and deadlifting 500. I'm getting pretty close to hitting most of those and they are definitely my next goals.
Any advice for people just getting started at Olympic Lifting or CrossFit?:
Start, and don't quit. Most likely, you'll suck, a lot. But no one is a natural. No one. It takes hard work and dedication, and if its something you want enough, put in your dues and you'll get where you want to get.
What do you tell yourself to keep motivated?:
No one is going to give you anything. You can't buy strength, hard work, and dedication. If you want to be strong, go and earn it. No one is stopping you but yourself.

Will is an awesome athlete and a great person. We are so lucky to have him at RSCF! Additionally, so proud of all his lifting accomplishments! Thanks for the post, Will!

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