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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I know. It's the 26th. I was trying to post an awesome Christmas surprise yesterday and my computer crapped out. So typical. So now, while I figure out personal computer woes, I am posting from my parents' computer. 

I hope ALL of you were visited by Santa and he was really great to you! Unless, of course, you were bad this year. In which case, I hope you got coal. Because then more presents for me!

You all know it's Christmas time and of course, this means that I took complete license to be a food slut this holiday season. Seriously. I have been eating EVERYTHING. My mom has been trying to help by doing everything she can to keep all meals around here paleo. I have been doing the best that I can to eat everything-paleo and otherwise.

So this morning went a little like this:

(wake up)
Me (to myself): YEAH! Time to get back to training n' shit!
More rational thinking inner me: Uh, can you take it easy? You've been kind of a food slut lately. Give yourself some time! Ease into it.
Me: Psh. I'll be fine. Crossfit Open in 69 days! I gotta get it! 
More rational thinking inner me: Dude, whatever you want. Your life, my entertainment.

(Insert 2 mile run with 10 air squats every 2 minutes on the minute. Also include audio of my body screaming "WHYYYYYYY?!" at me the entire time)

Me: Death. I'm going to die. This is the last time I'm ever going to be alive because the next logical thing for me to do is die.
More rational thinking inner me: BAHAHAHAHA. Told you so. B*tch.
(End scene)

And there, in a nutshell, was my morning. I'm sure I'll appreciate it tomorrow, but today, this f*cking sucks. 

Also, because I couldn't post it yesterday, our christmas card!
Merry Christmas from Me, SugarToast (left) and Boo Radley (Right). I would have taken a photo with them both together, but I wasn't trying to make shiz get crazy! So I gave them beards and red noses instead. And hats. Santa hats all around!

What all are y'all doing during your holidays? 

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