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Dictionary: A-Z (kinda. I'm not so good with the alphabetical order)

When I started writing this, my audience never really crossed my mind. Not intentionally trying to be rude, but mostly I felt like, who the hell is going to want to read what I write?

Well, here I am, writing away and using all kinds of terms that, I now realize, are not exactly reader friendly. SO! I decided to make a little dictionary of terms for those of you not familiar with them.  

Crossfit: Strength and conditioning program that makes use of  "constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement". Basically, we do a lot of different stuff that you can do everyday, real fast.

WOD: Workout of the Day. Series of exercises that Crossfit coaches think up with the intention of bringing their athletes to the brink of death.

AMRAP: As many rounds as possible. (ie: do this impossible arrangement of exercises AMRAP in 20 minutes.)

Scaled: At crossfit, everyone does the exact same workout no matter what fitness level you're on. So how do we do that? By modifying the movement, weight, or reps to accommodate individual athletic abilities. Crossfit is for everybody! Duh.

Rx: As prescribed; As written; Doing a WOD without any adjustments. 

GHD: Glute-Hamstring Developer. Instrument of torture. Known to induce nausea. Has only recently become my friend due to its awesome ability to help stretch the back. Looks like this: 
HSPU: Handstand Push-Up. Exactly as hard as it sounds.

SDLHP: Sumo Deadlift High Pull. Get in a wide "sumo" stance, feet slightly turned out. Bend at the knees, drop your butt under to make a nice right angle with your legs. Grab weight in between your feet. Drive feet into ground, violently thrust hips forward, pull weight to your chin. Start over. 

The Girls: Also known as "Nasty Girls" or "Ladies". These are the benchmark WODs of CrossFit. These are particularly miserable WODs, but they're good for showing your progress. Everyone has a favorite and most hated girl. My most hated so far is Fran. Eff dat hoe.

The Heroes: Similar to The Girls. Also benchmark WODs, but they tend to be longer and more grueling than others. These workouts are intended to be physical sacrifices in honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country and freedom.

Kipping: Gymnastic movement that allows for momentum to be transferred from vertical to horizontal during pull ups. Kipping movement allows an athlete to do more work more efficiently. Also known as: my mortal enemy.

Paleo: Also known as The Paleo Diet. Refers to a diet that encourages eating like our Paleolithic Era ancestors. Diet allows meat, veggies, some fruit, nuts and seeds. Not included on the diet: bread, grains, legumes, dairy or anything else I love to eat.

Box: Nickname for a place where people Crossfit.

With the CrossFit Open, Regionals and Games upon us, there are a LOT more terms that people are using that can be a little confusing! So I'm doing a little updating to make things a little easier if you're just getting into CrossFit or just getting into Eat.Pray.WOD!

CrossFit Open: 5 weeks long. A new workout is released from HQ every Wednesday for 5 weeks and competitors have until the following Sunday to complete the workout in front of a judge and have their scores verified online. The top competitors from each region after the Open is completed will move on to Regionals. Every week the workouts suck. And every week we will continue to do them.

13.1, 13.2, 13.3, 13.4, 13.5: The names for the Open workouts. 

CrossFit Regionals: There are 17 regions across the world. Top competitors from the Open compete at Regionals to see who will move onto the games. I'm in the South Central region (clearly the best region).

CrossFit Games: THE CROSSFIT FREAKIN' OLYMPICS. The fittest athletes in the world come together for this event to determine who will win the title of "The Fittest Man/Woman On Earth". I wholeheartedly plan on attending the games this year and making sure that Neal Maddox falls in love with me. 

Okay. That's all I could really think of for now and I'm sure there will be more I'll remember later and I'll revise. Or make a part 2. Or whatever. 

If you're a crossfitter and you think of any I forgot, comment so I can add them.  

PS: I also just noticed that this list is in no way alphabetical. My bad, yo. Told y'all I wasn't good at it.

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