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A birthday post! Time to throw some cash on some strippers!

...just kidding.

Today is my 25th birthday. HOLY CRAP. I'm a quarter century old!

Three of my great friends came into Baton Rouge to spend an awesome birthday with me along with my parents. I am too blessed.

My mom tried crossfit this morning! She came to a free intro class at Red Stick Crossfit and she said she was dying, but I've got a good feeling that she'll be back for more :)

I've spoken a bunch about how this year has been really difficult for me and today's events were supposed to be very different. For those of you who don't know, I was engaged and today was the day we were supposed to get married. Unfortunately, we broke up and--at the time--I felt like my birthday (and my life) would never be able to be happy again. 

Thankfully, due to the amazing support of my friends and family, I am doing so well. I have achieved goals I didn't know I could. Pursing a master's degree, teaching, crossfitting, and I'm happy.

So here it is: 25 things I want to do before 26!

25. Decorate my house-for real, that bitch is plain.
24. Earn Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certification
23. Complete 3 Spartan Races
22. Get 10,000 views on Eat. Pray. WOD.
21. Get sponsors (eek!) for Eat. Pray. WOD.
20. Earn Level 1 Teacher Certification
19. PR on Fran-Time to beat: 7:58
18. Do unassisted pullups!
17. Spend a major holiday with my sister, Celina
16. Travel somewhere I've never been
15. Meet my nephew, Colton!
14. Go to one of my brother's shows (he's an entertainer, y'all)
13. Pass the first semester of grad school...
12. ...with straight A's
11. Pay for first semester of graduate school without loans
10. Avoid any tickets for moving violations (parking/speeding/etc)
9. Save $1000 a month
8. Perfect my lifting technique
7. Be selfish--enjoy spending time with ME!
6. Go on a cruise
5. Write everyday for 30 minutes about anything
4. Use ALL my tshirts to finish my tshirt quilts
3. Deadlift 325 pounds
2. Spend more time with my family--holidays and breaks need to be for them!
1. Make more friends

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